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  • Jan 19 / 2015
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Welcome to the new BHSKC Web Site

Welcome to the new Birmingham & Halesowen Shotokan Karate Club website. This has been a long time in the making with the initial work starting early last year initially with the help of Yvonne before she had to move and brief small sections of activity going on throughout the year which gave the basic framework and theme. The final push was over the Christmas break to finalize the details and preserve the content from the old site which people may still find interesting.

Why a new site, there are many reasons some technical, some related to problems with our previous site host which have resulted in lots of extra work behind the scenes. The main benefits for you as users of the site will be a much more modern experience. Nowadays many of us access the site from multiple devices from mobile phones and tablets to computers with large monitors. Limitations in our old sites software meant that the site didn’t fare well when accessed on some form factors or with certain browsers. The new site should hopefully address this issue providing a better experience whichever way you choose to access it. It also provides the potential opportunity for comments to be posted for some articles on the site making it a much more interactive experience.

This site has been tested under Windows 7 using the current versions of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer at the time of writing and on a Android Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and Google Nexus 7 tablet using Dolphin Browser, Firefox for Android and Chrome.

I would be interested to here what your thoughts are on the new site, so please feel free to comment.


Richard, Web & Social Media  Administrator

  • Dec 30 / 2014
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The BHSKC Christmas Meal

Rainbow Palace
168 Stourbridge Rd

A pleaseant night was had by all at this years Christmas meal at the new venue of the Rainbow Palace. The food was great and extremely good value and the proprietor remembered Shihan Cummins from years past when the club held functions their as was friendly and joking all night. Below are a few pictures from the night.

2014-12-14 20.35.18   2014-12-14 20.32.182014-12-14 20.32.432014-12-14 20.33.402014-12-14 20.34.082014-12-14 20.34.51

  • Dec 30 / 2014
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Another great day for team BHSKC

Well done to everyone who competed at the Ippon Ken Shotokan Karate Competition 2014 and thanks for the great support from the parents who also attended. The squad left with an impressive haul of trophies, the results are below:

Category Result Competitor(s)


7 -12 years 3rd – 4th Kyu 1st Place Bethany Bird
18 years and over Beginners to 4th Kyu 1st Place Joshua Betts
3rd Place Steven Plumley-Wood
Senior Dan Grades 1st Place Matt Russell
3rd Place Ian Edwards
Junior Dan Grades 1st Place Daniel Eccles
Senior Junior Dan Grade Pairs 1st Place Matt Russell and Daniel Eccles
Senior Junior Pairs 1st Place Christie Price and Bethany Bird
Senior Dan Grade Pairs 3rd Place Melissa Daly and Lyndsay Daly
Senior Team Kata 1st Place Christie Price, Lyndsay Daly, Melissa Daly


13 – 17 years 6th kyu – 1st kyu Individual Male 1st Place Erin Opige
18 years and over males Beginner to 4th Kyu 1st Place Joshua Betts
2nd Place Steven Plumley-Wood
Junior Dan Grade Male 3rd Place Daniel Eccles
Senior Dan Grades Male 1st Place Ian Edwards
2nd Place Richard Amuzu
Senior Dan Grade Female 1st Place Melissa Daly
2nd Place Lyndsay Daly
  • Dec 17 / 2014
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Congratulations to those who passed their grading!

Congratulations to everyone who passed their gradings on Sunday and well done to everyone who took a grading. Special congratulations to Christie Price who passed her second dan grading and Conner Stowe who achieved the rank of third dan.

Gradings December 2014

  • Oct 19 / 2014
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Well done to those who entered the GB Open Karate Championships 2014

GB Open Karate Championships 2014 Squad

GB Open Karate Championships 2014 Squad

Well done to the squad who entered the GB Open karate Championships 2014. The team left with an impressive haul of three golds, one silver and one bronze medal. Lyndsay, Christie and Melissa won gold in the team kata, Joshua won the silver medal in the individual kata and Sue won bronze in the veterans kata.

  • Sep 08 / 2014
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Special congratulations on achieving your dan grade.

Melissa Daly's & Wayne Perkin's Shodan Presentation

Melissa Daly’s & Wayne Perkin’s Shodan Presentation

Special congratulations to Wayne Perkin and Melissa Daly on achieving the rank of 1st  dan (shodan) black belt. ,Wayne Perkin and Melissa Daly were presented with there certificates for shodan grading in a presntation at the Bartley Green dojo. Wayne was presented with a limited edition katana from the film the last samurai ,and a personalised black belt from his family, with young Jamie Perkin also receiving his personalised black belt. Well done to all of you.


  • May 12 / 2014
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Well Done Team BHSKC!


Team BHSKC at the Chase Wado Kai Staffordshire International Karate Championship

On Sunday 11th May 2014 a team of competitors from BHSKC entered the Chase Wado Kai Staffordshire International Karate Championship in which they had great success winning an impressive haul of medals in the kata tournament.

Category Competitor Medal
13 – 15 years boy’s 3rd Kyu and above, Shotokan only Daniel Eccles Bronze
16 years and above, female, Shotokan only 3rd kyu and above Lyndsay Daly Gold
16 years and above, male, Shotokan only 3rd Kyu and above Matt Russell Gold
Ian Edwards Silver
40 years plus, mixed, 3rd Kyu and above Austin Birks Gold
 Sue Hessian Bronze
Adult pairs, mixed, 3rd kyu and above Matt Russell & Daniel Eccles Gold
Lyndsay Daly & Christie Price Silver
Sue Hessian & Ian Edwards Bronze
Male Grand Champion Shotokan vs Wado, Two competitors only Matt Russell Gold
Female Grand Champion Shotokan vs Wado, Two competitors only Lyndsay Daly Silver