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Grading Information

  • Jan 12 / 2014
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Grading Information


Please ensure that your licence and insurance is kept up to date. Without an up-to-date licence you cannot train. The expiry date can be found at the front of your licence book on the grey insurance slip. It is important that your renew your licence at least 2 weeks prior to it’s expiry. Licence renewal forms can be obtained from the club secretary.

Grading Dates 2015
Sunday 22nd March
Sunday 14th June
Sunday 13th September
Sunday 13th December

From Beginner (white belt) to 1st Kyu (brown and 2 red stripes) a period of 3 months sustained training is required from each student, in order to be eligible to take a grading examination.

Kyu gradings utilise a “ladder” system, with each Kyu grade comprising of 3 levels of success. Students can acheive a pass, merit or distinction on grades from 9th to 1st Kyu. Students must demonstrate an average level of competency to achieve a pass, a good level of competency (above average) to acheive a merit and a level of competency above and beyond what is expected to achieve a distinction.

With the pass, merit and distinction system in effect, students may not necessarily gain a new belt colour every grading. Each grade must be completed to the level of distinction, before progressing onto the next belt. This means if a student gains a 7th Kyu at “pass” level, then 3 months later they may progress onto a merit or distinction at 7th Kyu (the same grade), therefore “passing” their examination, but not gaining a new belt.

Students must train a minimum of twice a week in order to be deemed ready to grade. However the final decision always lies with the instructor (Sensei) and it is possible for exceptions to be made in certain or unforeseen mitigating circumstances.

Gradings consist of 3 sections – Kihon, Kata and Kumite.

  • Kihon is basic techniques or combinations, usually in sets of 3 and the first to be examined during the grading process.
  • Kata follows Kihon in the examination and is your pre-determined choreographed patterns of movements, starting with Kihon Kata for beginners taking 9th Kyu grading.
  • Kumite is the third and final section to the examination and consists of controlled and pre-determined sparring with a training partner. Kumite ranges from basic 3 step sparring fro beginners to full free-style “Ju Kumite” for Dan grades.

Students wishing to take Shodan gradings must fulfil a number of requirements before being able to do so. Firstly written permission must be obtained from the Sensei a minimum of 3 months in advance of the date of the grading. Secondly, a “Distinction” level 1st Kyu must be achieved prior to taking the 1st Dan examination. Lastly, a continuous period of 6 months training must be adhered to by the student once a full 1st Kyu is achieved, before the Black belt grading date.