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  • Nov 02 / 2015
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New training times for Saturday’s Kata Class at Bartley Green

After receiving feedback from students who felt the existing 1.00pm start for Shihan Cummins’ dedicated kata class on Saturdays made it difficult to have time for family activities on a Saturday afternoon, the time for this class is changing.  Based on feedback from students within the club about a potential time change Shihan Cummins has moved the Saturday kata class at Bartley Green to the earlier time of 11.00am – 12.30pm from Saturday 7th November 2015.

Hopefully with the new time change more of you will be able to attend and benefit from this class with Shihan Cummins dedicated to kata and bunkai.



  • Sep 16 / 2015
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Training & Gradings this Saturday

This Saturday, 19th September 2015 will be kyu and dan gradings at Bartley Green Leisure Centre. These will be preceded by a training course for one hour with Shihan Cummins. The training will start at 11am with doors opening at 10.45am. If you are grading please remember to bring your license and grading fee. The grading fee is £30 for kyu grades which includes training, grading a new belt and registration with NAKMAS.

If you are training please arrive promptly to be ready for the start. The training is open to all grades wether grading or not.

Good luck to all those who are grading and we look forward to seeing everyone there for the training.

The normal kata course will not be taking place this week due to the grading, sorry if this causes any inconvenience.






  • May 05 / 2015
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Bartley Green Dojo Closures

The Bartley Green dojo will be closed on Wednesday 13th May 2015 and Wednesday 20th May 2015 due to school exams resulting in the gym and sports hall being unavailable. All other classes are open as normal. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • Apr 13 / 2015
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Shihan Cyril Cummins 8th Dan – Special Kata Class

Every Saturday between 1pm and 2.30pm Shihan Cyril Cummins 8th dan runs a special class dedicated to the in depth teaching and study of kata at his Bartley Green Dojo. The class usually covers all aspects of the given kata including the kata itself, bunkai, history and the opportunity to ask questions and clarify your understanding on the kata and it’s application. This session is open to karateka of all ages, grades and associations and is an invaluable opportunity to study kata with one of the stalwarts of Shotokan karate in the UK. Since Shihan Cummins initially started this class it has covered all twenty seven of the kata within the shotokan system and regularly attracts black belts of all grades with recent sessions exploring kata such as Tekki Sandan (both versions), Tekki Nidan, Jion, Jiin, Sochin, Meikyo and Gankaku as well as Heian kata.

Shihan Cummins does not charge a premium for this session with it being the standard class training fee of £7 for adults. If you would like to train on this class then please come along to the BHSKC Bartley Green Dojo located at Bartley Green Community Leisure Centre, 103 Adams Hill, Bartley Green, Birmingham, B32 3QJ. For further information please contact Sue Hession, BHSKC Secretary on  07976905472.



  • Mar 16 / 2015
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We’d like to Welcome to new clubs affiliated to BHSKC

Hello, we would like to welcome Quinton Shotokan Karate Club and Haden Shotokan Karate Club to the Birmingham and Halesowen Shotokan Karate Club fold. These two new affiliated clubs have opened this month and have been setup by Sensei Matt Russell 3rd Dan and Sensei Steve O’Reilly 2nd Dan respectively who many of you will know from training with Shihan Cummins. These promise to be two great clubs at new locations in the city so if you are already a BHSKC student why not drop in and train I’m sure they will appreciate your support. If you would like to start karate and are looking for a club in the Quinton or Halesowen areas then I’m sure they will be glad to hear from you. Full details of training times and locations for these and all other BHSKC dojos and affiliated clubs can be found by viewing our Training times and locations.

  • Jan 19 / 2015
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Welcome to the new BHSKC Web Site

Welcome to the new Birmingham & Halesowen Shotokan Karate Club website. This has been a long time in the making with the initial work starting early last year initially with the help of Yvonne before she had to move and brief small sections of activity going on throughout the year which gave the basic framework and theme. The final push was over the Christmas break to finalize the details and preserve the content from the old site which people may still find interesting.

Why a new site, there are many reasons some technical, some related to problems with our previous site host which have resulted in lots of extra work behind the scenes. The main benefits for you as users of the site will be a much more modern experience. Nowadays many of us access the site from multiple devices from mobile phones and tablets to computers with large monitors. Limitations in our old sites software meant that the site didn’t fare well when accessed on some form factors or with certain browsers. The new site should hopefully address this issue providing a better experience whichever way you choose to access it. It also provides the potential opportunity for comments to be posted for some articles on the site making it a much more interactive experience.

This site has been tested under Windows 7 using the current versions of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer at the time of writing and on a Android Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and Google Nexus 7 tablet using Dolphin Browser, Firefox for Android and Chrome.

I would be interested to here what your thoughts are on the new site, so please feel free to comment.


Richard, Web & Social Media  Administrator

  • Dec 30 / 2014
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The BHSKC Christmas Meal

Rainbow Palace
168 Stourbridge Rd

A pleaseant night was had by all at this years Christmas meal at the new venue of the Rainbow Palace. The food was great and extremely good value and the proprietor remembered Shihan Cummins from years past when the club held functions their as was friendly and joking all night. Below are a few pictures from the night.

2014-12-14 20.35.18   2014-12-14 20.32.182014-12-14 20.32.432014-12-14 20.33.402014-12-14 20.34.082014-12-14 20.34.51

  • Jan 06 / 2014
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Celebrating 50 Years of Karate

2014 is a very special year, as Shihan Cummins celebrates 50 years, half a century, of training. Shihan Cummins started karate in 1964, when it was virtually unheard of and unknown. Now, after all these years he has trained thousands of people around the world, many of whom have gone on to become black belts, many of whom have become regional, national, international and even world champions.

Fifty years on, Shihan Cummins has been awarded the rank of 8th Dan in recognition of his lifetime contribution to fostering and developing the art of Shotokan karate-do. Truly one of the pioneers of karate, he is one of a very select band of individuals who helped shape the standard of karate in the United Kingdom to be one of the very best in the world.

We wish Shihan Cummins our sincere congratulations and we look forward to training with him, as he gives the same passion and effort and energy to every class as he has done over all these years.

  • Aug 03 / 2013
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Notice to Students Use of Shihan and Sensei

As most of you know Sensei Cummins bestowed the title of Sensei to the club Sempai Austin Birks 4th dan so that upon receiving instructions from Sensei Birks during a class as the senior student the correct response would now be “Osu Sensei” instead of “Osu Sempai”. This has led to some confusion during classes where students where receiving instructions from both Sensei Cummins and Sensei Birks. Therefore as Sensei Cummins has recently been awarded the rank of 8th dan it has been decided amongst the senior students that the honorific title “Shihan” should be used when responding to instructions from Sensei Cummins to avoid confusion therefore when receiving or responding to Sensei Cummins please use “Osu Shihan”.

Shihan is an honorific title used in many martial arts as is usually bestowed upon senior dan grade black belts although unlike titles such as Renshi (4th or 5th dan), Kyoshi (6th or 7th dan) or Hanshi (8th dan and above) is not related to grade but is used as a sign of respect. It is usually informally translated in English as “Master” but  literally translates as simply “To be a model” / “Instructor”.