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Sensei Steve O’Reilly

  • Mar 15 / 2015
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Sensei Steve O’Reilly

Steve O'Reilly 3rd Dan

Sensei Steve O’Reilly 3rd Dan

Sensei Steve O’Reilly began his martial arts experience at the age of 15 when he first studied the Shukokai style of karate for three years achieving the grade of 2nd kyu and eager to progress to an even higher grade. Unfortunately, this was not to be, with shoulder surgery cutting short his karate experience. Over the next 2 decades, the will to return to karate never disappeared and so when his daughter showed an interest in martial arts when she was 10, he decided to revisit his karate experience and joined Shihan Cummins at his Halesowen dojo in 2004. He quickly regained his passion for the martial art, training numerous times each week, gaining knowledge and technique as he steadily worked his way through the grades. His finest moment came in 2009 when he gained his Shodan (1st dan black belt). This further fuelled his passion for the art and in 2012 he achieved his Nidan (2nd dan black belt). In 2016 Steve achieved the rank of Sandan (3rd dan black belt) under Shihan Cummins.

Over the last few years he has assisted Shihan Cummins during his classes at the Halesowen dojo, instructing and encouraging the less experienced students in the karate way. He also accompanied and assisted him during grading days at other dojo’s as a Senior student. In 2012, he was given to honour by Shihan Cummins of becoming a recognised and certified Assistant Instructor. Since then Sensei Steve has taken lessons at the Halesowen Dojo in Shihan Cummin’s absence.

Sensei Steve O’Reilly has entered a number of national and local competitions with some success gaining a number of gold, silver and bronze medals in both team kumite and kata categories. He has also been a member of the judging team in both kata and kumite in the competition arena.

Sensei Steve O’Reilly is keen on promoting physical and mental health through karate and believes great things can be achieved through regular training and keeping fit. Whilst carrying on his own regular training he is keen to pass on the knowledge gained from Shihan Cummins to other students and so as part of the expansion of the Birmingham and Halesowen Karate Clubs, Sensei Steve has opened a new club, Haden Shotokan Karate Club in March 2015. This is another chapter in Sensei Steve’s karate journey, a journey which has given so much and with determination and dedication has so much more to give.