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Sensei Matthew Russell

  • Mar 15 / 2015
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Sensei Matthew Russell


Sensei Matt Russell 3rd Dan

Sensei Matthew Russell has been training in karate for a decade starting his karate training in 2005 with Shihan Cummins and has shown exceptional ability in karate over the years. He passed his Shodan with Shihan Cummins and Sensei Ronnie Christopher in 2005 progressing to the rank of Nidan in 2008 and then Sandan in 2012 under Shihan Cummins.

He has achieved an impressive degree of success in team and individual kata competition gaining a number of gold, silver and bronze medals and trophies and best competitor awards as well as  some child and cadet kumite success both at regional and national level. Matt started teaching karate in 2011 and got his full instructors license in 2015. He has also had some training in Kobudo with the bo, sai and tonfa, attending a bo course with Sensei Albi O’Connor.

In March 2015 Sensei Matt Russell opened Quinton Shotokan Karate Club which forms the Quinton dojo of BHSKC. Classes there are taken by Matt with students able to grade and train with Shihan Cummins at his other dojos.