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Another great day for team BHSKC

  • Dec 30 / 2014
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Another great day for team BHSKC

Well done to everyone who competed at the Ippon Ken Shotokan Karate Competition 2014 and thanks for the great support from the parents who also attended. The squad left with an impressive haul of trophies, the results are below:

Category Result Competitor(s)


7 -12 years 3rd – 4th Kyu 1st Place Bethany Bird
18 years and over Beginners to 4th Kyu 1st Place Joshua Betts
3rd Place Steven Plumley-Wood
Senior Dan Grades 1st Place Matt Russell
3rd Place Ian Edwards
Junior Dan Grades 1st Place Daniel Eccles
Senior Junior Dan Grade Pairs 1st Place Matt Russell and Daniel Eccles
Senior Junior Pairs 1st Place Christie Price and Bethany Bird
Senior Dan Grade Pairs 3rd Place Melissa Daly and Lyndsay Daly
Senior Team Kata 1st Place Christie Price, Lyndsay Daly, Melissa Daly


13 – 17 years 6th kyu – 1st kyu Individual Male 1st Place Erin Opige
18 years and over males Beginner to 4th Kyu 1st Place Joshua Betts
2nd Place Steven Plumley-Wood
Junior Dan Grade Male 3rd Place Daniel Eccles
Senior Dan Grades Male 1st Place Ian Edwards
2nd Place Richard Amuzu
Senior Dan Grade Female 1st Place Melissa Daly
2nd Place Lyndsay Daly

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