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Autumn Championship 2013

  • Oct 13 / 2013
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Autumn Championship 2013

Sunday 13th October 2013

Ippon Ken Karate Club,

Akeley Wood Senior School,

Akeley Wood, Buckingham, MK18 5AE


The Autumn Competition hosted by Sensei Kathy Dearden at Ippon Ken Karate Club. It was a great day out and a roaring success with competitors from BHSKC winning an impressive haul of medals on the day. Our thanks to the organisers and at Ippon Ken Karate, those who helped with the officiating and Sensei Cummins for the stellar work both leading up to today and on the day itself. The first pictures from the event can be found on our Flickr Photostream and the first batch of video on our YouTube Channel. with further photos and videos to follow soon.

The BHSKC Competitors with Shihan Cummins





Individual Kata, 6 years and under to 1st Kyu

1st – Kyle O’Flanagan (Ippon Ken)

2nd – Kieran Axtell (Ippon Ken)

3rd – Phoebe Bowman (Ippon Ken)

Individual Kata, 7-12 years to 4th Kyu

1st – Ben Thomas (Minikami Bushido)

2nd – Abi O’Flanagan (Ippon Ken)

3rd – Issy Hayes-Hamilton (Ippon Ken)

Individual Kata, 7-12 years, 3rd to 1st Kyu

1st – Jake Phipps (Birmingham and Halesowen)

2nd – Lucy Mo (Ippon Ken)

3rd – Millie Bannam (Minikami Bushido)

Individual Kata, 18 years+ to 4th Kyu

1st – Sophie Stoll (Birmingham and Halesowen)

2nd – Nigel Chaney (Ippon Ken)

3rd – Paula Axtell (Ippon Ken)

Individual Kata, 18 years+ 3rd to 1st Kyu

1st – Melissa Daly (Birmingham and Halesowen)

2nd – Yvonne Scalben (Birmingham and Halesowen)

Individual Kata 1st Kyu and Dan Grades 15 years and under

1st – Daniel Eccles (Birmingham and Halesowen)

2nd – Gabriel Hayes-Hamilton (Ippon Ken)

3rd – Caleb Stowe (Ippon Ken)

Individual Kata, Dan Grades 16 years+

1st – Matt Russell (Birmingham and Halesowen)

2nd – Connor Stowe (Ippon Ken)

3rd – Terry Povey (Ippon Ken)


Veterans Kata 50 years+  1st – Austin Birks (Birmingham and                Halesowen)

2nd – Susan Hession (Birmingham and Halesowen)

Pairs Kata

1st – Matt Russell/Daniel Eccles (Birmingham and Halesowen)

2nd – Nick Abbott/Sam Abbott (Ippon Ken)

3rd – Austin Birks/Jake Phipps (Birmingham and Halesowen)

Junior Team Kata

1st – Jake Phipps/Daniel Eccles/Joshua (Birmingham and Halesowen)

2nd – Gabriel HH/Louis HH/Adam Shaw (Ippon Ken)

3rd – Caleb Stowe/Skyla Baily/Luc Vignoles (Ippon Ken)

Senior Team Kata

1st – Melissa Daly/Lyndsey Daly/Christie Price (Birmingham and Halesowen)

2nd – Karen Stowe/Connor Stowe/Terry Povey (Ippon Ken)

3rd – Susan Hession/Austin Birks/Matt Russell (Birmingham and Halesowen)

Individual Kumite (Female) 7-12yrs to 3rd Kyu

1st – Hannah Weatherly (Minikami Bushido)

2nd – Katy Winget (Minikami Bushido)

Individual Kumite (Male) 7-12yrs to 4th Kyu

1st – Callum Kipp (Minikami Bushido)

2nd – Reece Lee (Bushido)

Individual Kumite (Female) 7-12 3rd to 1st Kyu

1st – Teegan Dodimead

2nd – Scarlett Bell

3rd – Charlie Nightingale

Individual Kumite (Male) 7-12 3rd to 1st Kyu

1st – Jake Phipps (Birmingham and Halesowen)

2nd – Ben Thomas (Minikami Bushido)

3rd – Adam Shaw (Ippon Ken)

Individual Kumite (Male) 18+ to 4th Kyu

1st – Ryan Carter (Ippon Ken)

2nd – Nigel Chaney (Ippon Ken)

3rd – Gaetan Didier (Ippon Ken)

Individual Kumite (Female) Dan Grades 15 and under

1st – Sam Abbott (Ippon Ken)

2nd – Skyla Baily (Ippon Ken)

3rd – Millie Thomson-Cox (Ippon Ken)

Individual Kumite (Female) Dan Grades 16+

1st – Lyndsey Daly (Birmingham and Halesowen)

2nd – Melissa Daly (Birmingham and Halesowen)

3rd – Karen Stowe (Ippon Ken)

Individual Kumite (Male) Dan Grades 16-20

1st – Andy Povey (Ippon Ken)

2nd – Connor Stowe (Ippon Ken)

Individual Kumite (Male) Dan Grades 21+

1st – Jason Elliman (Birmingham and Halesowen)

2nd – Richard Amuzu (Birmingham and Halesowen)

3rd – John Griffiths (Ippon Ken)

Team Kumite (Junior Males)

1st – Jake Phipps/Daniel Eccles/Joshua (Birmingham and Halesowen)

2nd – Benjamin Mo/Gabriel Hayes-Hamilton (Ippon Ken)

3rd – Callum Kipp/Ben Thomas (Minikami Bushido)

Team Kumite (Senior Males)

1st – Matt Russell/Jason Elliman/Richard Amuzu (Birmingham and Halesowen)

2nd – Connor Stowe/Nigel Chaney/Ryan Carter (Ippon Ken)

3rd – John Griffiths/Andy Povey/Gaetan Didier (Ippon Ken)



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