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Spring Championship 2013

  • Apr 14 / 2013
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Spring Championship 2013



The Spring Championship 2013 was a roaring success with competitors from many different styles, clubs and associations.We thoroughly enjoyed it and hope you all did to. Thanks to all those who attended for creating a great atmosphere. Congratulations to all those who competed and to those who won medals. It was great to see so many different clubs and styles. I’d also like to thank Sensei Cummins and all the officials and helpers for their efforts on the day.


The final results were as follows :-



Kata Events :-

 Category Medal Winner(s)  Club
Junior Individual Kata Beginner to 1st Kyu Gold Tylan Johnson Adaptive Karate Club
Silver Arvin Corotana Adaptive Karate Club
Bronze Millie Thompson Ippon Ken
Senior Individual Kata Beginner to 1st Kyu Gold Lyndsay Smylie BHSKC
Silver Sophie Stoll BHSKC
Bronze Melissa Smylie BHSKC
Junior Individual Kata Dan Grades Gold Conner Stowe Ippon Ken
Silver Calib Stowe Ippon Ken
Bronze Lucy O’Neil Shidoshinkai
Senior Individual Kata Dan Grades Gold Matt Russell BHSKC
 Silver Bryn Pickett Shidoshinkai
Bronze Terry Povey Ippon Ken
 Veterans Kata Gold Sue Hession BHSKC
Silver Austin Birks BHSKC
Bronze Barry Gregory BHSKC
Junior Team Kata Gold Calib Stowe, Conner Stowe, Millie Thompson Ippon Ken
Silver Bethany Dean, Lucy O’Neil, Bethany Wood Shidoshinkai
Bronze Jack Todd, Katelyn Todd, James Grant BHSKC
Senior Team Kata Gold Matt Russell, Sue Hession, Austin Birks BHSKC
Silver Christie Price, Holly Wells, Lyndsay Smylie BHSKC
Bronze Sophie Stoll, Melissa Smylie, Yvonne Skalban BHSKC
 Pairs Kata Gold Matt Russell, Austin Birks BHSKC
Silver Lyndsay Smylie, Melissa Smylie BHSKC
Bronze Christie Price, Holly Wells BHSKC
Special Award for Outstanding Spirit Nathan Meir BHSKC



Kumite Events :-

Category Medal Winner(s) Club
Junior Female Individual Kumite Gold Bethany Wood Shidoshinkai
Silver Holly Millinson BHSKC
Junior Male Individual Kumite 15 years old and under Gold Jake Phipps BHSKC
Silver Lewis Millinson BHSKC
Bronze Oliver Fachiri Ippon Ken
Junior Male Individual Kumite 16 years old and over Gold Brett Mitchell Shidoshinkai
Silver Calib Stowe Ippon Ken
Senior Female Individual Kumite Beginner to 3rd kyu Gold Melissa Smylie BHSKC
Silver Lyndsey Smylie BHSKC
Bronze Yvonne Skalban BHSKC
Senior Female individual Kumite Dan Grades Gold Christie Price BHSKC
Silver Tanya Mitchell Shidoshinkai
Bronze Lucy O’Neil Shidoshinkai
Senior Male Individuals Beginner to 1st Kyu Gold Osvaldes Pack Brigg Wado
Silver Nigel Chaney Ippon Ken
Bronze Jason Wood Shidoshinkai
Senior Male Individuals Dan Grades Gold Matt Russell BHSKC
Silver Gary Wright Brigg Wado
Bronze Richard Amuzu BHSKC
Junior Team kumite Gold Calib Stowe, Conner Stowe, Oliver Fachiri Ippon Ken
Silver Lucy O’Neil, Bethany Wood, Ellie Price Shidoshinkai
Bronze Otto Galvin, Calum Gratton, Josh Price Shidoshinkai
Senior Female Team Kumite Gold Christie Price, Lyndsay Smylie, Melissa Smylie BHSKC
Silver Yvonne Skalban, Jodie Wood BHSKC
Senior Male Team Kumite Gold Wayne Ricketts, Jason Elliman, Matt Russell BHSKC
Silver Dave Rollason, Steve O’Reilly, Richard Amuzu BHSKC
Bronze Paddy Howtin, Nigel Chaney, Nick Bailey Ippon Ken

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